Company Overview

Expert Cores of Wisconsin is a producer of sand cores for the foundry industry located in Milwaukee, WI.  We have approximately 30,000 square feet of Core manufacturing/finishing, equipment storage and administrative offices at our Milwaukee facility. We produce cores from fractions of 1# up to 5,000#. We have a dedicated Sand Lab where we monitor L.O.I.’s and tensile characteristics to insure compliance to our customer’s requirements and calibration of our sand mixers. We are capable of handling horizontally and vertically parted wood, red board, urethane, aluminum & cast iron core boxes.  We recognize that all equipment is not created equal.  We collaborate and consult with our customers to achieve the highest level of quality from their core equipment.

We develop and maintain dedicated “Core Box Process Sheet” for each one of our customer’s cores. These core box process sheets accompany every shop order placed on us by our customers.

Expert Cores of Wisconsin is a ISO 9001-2015 registered company and is certified by NSF International Strategic Registrations.

  • Core making Processes

    Shell (4-U180), Blowers (7- CB22 style/Air Set), Short Run (loop), Large Floor area.

  • Additional Services

    Core Washing, Core Assembly, Mold Assembly, Chill, Wire and Lifting Hook integration, drilling and core venting/drilling. Core Box Venting, Minor Core Box Repair, and Vendor (pattern shop) Management on behalf of our customers. Core kiting,  Core Delivery Services also available.

  • Sands

    Shell Sands:

    SF240 – 2.5% Binder                        SF620 – Ceramic

    SF130 – 1.3% Binder                        SF125 – Rapid S.O.

    SF250ZM – Zircon                            SF249 – Low-Hexa

    3 part Phenolic Urethane Binder System Sands, (Zircon Sand, Ceramic Sand,  Chromite Sands).

    Sand mixes which cover our customers Alloy requirements for non-ferrous and ferrous.


    Shell: 4- Shalco – U180’s Gas type Horizontal / Maximum box size – 27” X 20”


    Expert has different core blower lines which are based on the industry recognized CB22 Machine.

    Expert’s blower lines can handle a wide range of core boxes geometries from 6”X6” to 48”X60”.

    Expert has successfully blown cores up to 400#


    Floor area core making with cores produced to date up to 5,000#

    Due to lifting limitations special core box construction required for cores in excess of 4,000#