History of Expert Cores

Expert Cores of Wisconsin has been an integral link in our customer’s silica sand core supply chain strategy since March of 1996. Expert Cores of Wisconsin origins grew out of a need expressed by the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries for a competitively priced, rapid response, silica sand core supplier in the mid-west.

In 2007, at the behest of our customers and the exponential growth Expert was experiencing at the time, Expert moved to its current location. This new central Milwaukee location provided an expanded work space of 30,000 square feet and allowed an opportunity to develop a more lean work flow and ergonomic work space for our approximately 50 employees.

At the onset of the original business, Expert’s management at the time answered the call for enhanced silica sand core making with core manufacturing equipment which embodied a high degree of flexibility in order to accept our customers various core equipment, but also provide core making equipment that was by design easy to use and maintain and had quick set-up characteristics.  This new lean work flow layout and flexible core making equipment has allowed Expert to ship most customer core orders in 5 working days or less from the date of order.

Quick order filling and flexible core making equipment are only the beginning of the story at Expert. Core quality the first time, and every time, is another defining characteristic of our customers experience at Expert Cores of Wisconsin. Expert is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company which develops and deploys a dedicated “Core Box Process Sheet” for each core that accompanies every shop order. Experts core sand mixers are bar code driven to provide over 67 different sand mixes and each has three curing speeds to facilitate core work and set up time optimization. We have also expanded our sand laboratory where sand mixes and sand mixer calibration is assessed on a daily basis.